Before Weight Loss Surgery



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Before Weight Loss Surgery

Three Weeks or More before the Surgery

  • Exercise Twice Daily (walk half to one mile daily or the equivalent and increase daily). While we know that this may not be easy, it will GREATLY improve your recovery time.
  • Losing some weight (but maintaining 70-100 grams daily protein intake) will help reduce visceral fat and make your surgery go dramatically smoother and easier.
  • Treat any rash between skin folds very carefully for 3-4 weeks before surgery. Report any such rash to your doctor early, so we can get it cured before surgery to prevent infection. General treatment and prevention includes using Corn Starch (not talcum) baby powder between folds three times daily. Sometimes Nystatin cream is helpful. Sometimes Desitin or A&D ointment helps. Certainly daily or even twice daily gentle cleansing with dove soap is needed.
  • You must stop smoking for 6 weeks before the operation.
  • Report any missed menstrual periods.
  • Report any urinary burning.
Two Weeks before the Surgery
  • Make arrangements for your post-operative recovery to stay somewhere WITHOUT stairs. A small number of steps is okay, but a full flight of stairs between you and the bathroom, the kitchen, your bedroom, or the outdoors, will lead to undesired repetitive straining after surgery that can result in herniation.
  • If you live more than 90 - 100 miles away from Dr. Elariny's office, you will need to make arrangements to stay within 30 miles for a period of 8-10 days after the initial procedure is performed or 7 days after discharge from the hospital - whichever is later.
  • If necessary, make arrangements for a friend or relative to stay with you for seven to ten days after surgery.
  • If you have children under the age of 10, make arrangements for someone to care for them for two weeks after surgery. Remember, you will not be able to lift or push anything over 30 pounds.

Five Days before the Surgery

  • Avoid a rich or heavy "last" meal in the week or days before surgery. This will prevent liver enlargement due to glycogen storage and fatty infiltration, and will make your surgery much easier and safer.
  • Take adult chewable vitamins twice a day (1 in AM, 1 in PM) - make sure they are chewed well.
  • Stop using any aspirin or other NSAID (i.e., no tylenol, advil, ibupropen) for 5 days before surgery.
  • Stop any Prilosec, Prevacid, Zantac, Pepcid or Tagamet for 4 days before surgery. This will allow acid to kill potentially infectious bacteria before surgery. You may use Maalox or Mylanta as needed (and as directed on the container) up until midnight of the night before surgery.
The Day before the Surgery
  • Avoid all solid food and only drink clear fluids on the day before surgery.
  • Take Magnesium Citrate - two bottles by mouth at 4pm the day before surgery. This will help by emptying your colon to facilitate passing the bypass intestinal limb behind your colon at surgery. A fleets enema early in the morning before surgery may help but is not mandatory.
  • Don't drink anything after midnight of the night before surgery.
Surgery Day!
  • If you are on insulin, take 1/3 of your usual insulin dose the morning of surgery.
  • If you are on blook pressure pills, take them with a small sip of water the morning of surgery unless your anesthesiologist instructed you otherwise. Do this very early (4 hours before surgery).
  • Arrive at the hospital 2 hours before your surgery start time.



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